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1) How is your Virgin Hair different?

2) How long will the hair last?

3) How much does you hair weigh?

4) How much hair do i need?

5) Do you offer wholesale?

6) What is your shipping policy?

7) What is your return policy?

8) Do you ship overseas?

9) Whats the difference between Eurasian, Cambodian, Brazilian?

10) Are your wefts sealed?

11) What are your hours?

12) Do you offer hand tied or machine wefts?

13) How long does it take to ship?

14) Can I ship to a different address?

1.Virgin hair has not been touched or tampered with by chemical processes such chemicals, perms, relaxers and dyes.

2. Virgin Hair 6-12 months

3.Virgin 3.5-4oz

4.The average person needs 8-10oz for a full install

We recommend

2 bundles for 12-16"

3 bundles for 18-24

4 bundles for 26-30

5 . No, We are not offering wholesale at this time.

6. Please refer to the shipping policies tab

7. Please refer to the return policy tab.

8. Yes overseas shipping is available at a flat shipping rate of $50

9. Eurasian Hair is a blend or European and Asian origin

Cambodian is softest of the bunch and more fine

Brazilian is very thick, and is the most popular

10. NO we do not seal our wefts. Please seal your wefts before install

11. Online 24/7

12. We offer machine wefts on all of our hair. Hand tied wefts are available upon request

13. All packages are processed and ship next business day

14. Yes, If pre approved via paypal/bank. All accounts are required to have a confirmed address. We only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses ( See Shipping Policy)